Founded in March of 2002 to serve and represent the Norwegian-American business community in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region, NACC MA has enjoyed rapid development and become a significant business organization. Under the leadership of current President Idar Voldnes and General Manager Chloé Friberg, the Chamber has grown to become one of the most active of the 9 affiliated chapters of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce. NACC MA’s member-driven business committees have succeeded in creating dialogue and connection among members sharing common business interests and shared challenges.

NACC MA programs have created many opportunities for peer introductions, professional exchange, and business development. NACC MA social and holiday events, including an Annual “Welcome to Washington” Dinner Cruise, Annual Embassy Roundtable and Christmas at Union Station, have created fellowship and community, and become an enjoyable part of NACC MA membership.

Since its inception, NACC MA has benefited from a close working relationship with the Royal Norwegian Embassy. This important relationship has offered NACC MA members access to visiting high-level Norwegian politicians, embassy-sponsored business and industry programs, and important cultural events. The Chamber has a close working relationship with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian trade promotion organization, Friends of Norway Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, Nordic chambers of commerce, and other influential organizations in the U.S. and Norway. Today, these important relationships serve as the foundation for NACC MA’s continued success in serving its members, who are part of a growing international business network.


NACC MA has adopted by-laws and is governed by an elected Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Chamber is fortunate to have Kåre R. Aas, the Norwegian Ambassador to the U.S., as Honorary Chairman. As a membership-focused organization, the Chamber has diverse business-sector committees that embrace the key commercial, political, and cultural relationships that exist between the U.S. and Norway. Ongoing committee activities emphasize common interests, shared challenges, and opportunities for collaboration. NACC MA focuses on certain US-Norwegian business areas,

  • Defense Technologies

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Seafood & Agriculture

  • IT & Communications

  • Shipping & Marine Technologies

  • Social, Culture, & Tourism