2012 NACC Person of the year



2012 Person of the year was awarded to Doug Warne at the Julebord on Dec 7 2012.


It is our pleasure to share that Doug Warne was awarded the “NACC Person of the Year” award at the annual julebord on December 7, 2012.  Doug is most known for the Scandinavian Hour – one of the oldest Nordic radio programs of its kind in the nation, dating to the 1920s when Scandinavians were the area’s dominant ethnic group.

Doug has been a generous member of the community for a long period of time.  He has  endowed scholarships to allow kids to go to tradeschool through the “Doug Warne Vocational Scholarship”.  He also has supported scholarships for  summer exchange program for the University of Oslo and is active in the  Seattle foundation.

He was President of Norwegian Commercial Club and a long time Board member of that organization and has helped ensure that the ongoing NCC scholarship is well funded.

Doug has been President of Leif Erikson Lodge and he is also engaged with the National Sons of Norway organization where he serves on the board.



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